Saturday, September 16, 2006

With malice to none and charity to all.............

Today was a nice day.An unexpected peice of kindness really touched my heart.One of my class mates has got a job which pays quite well.There are more than three hundred applicants for the job ,and though I had applied,it seemed remote that I might get called for an interview even.But he surprised me by asking me for my CV.,saying he will forward it personally so that at least they read what is in it.It was unnecessary,he had no axe to grind,and yet he did.It was great.I dont care whether I get the job or get called for an interview,the gesture was worth more than anything else.In this place that so far has me unimpressed by anything in particular,it was a nice moment.Maybe there are nice people here too.But this just set the tone for the evening.
Every Friday,we have what is called Aggie Nights.You get free pizza ,bowling and pool till midnight.Its in a place called MSC( Memoral Students Centre) dedicated to all Aggies who have died, or will die,in wars,past or future.I went today for the second time.There is a magnificent lobby with plush sofas and chairs for students to eat,sit or simply hang around.There is also a grand piano which anybody can play.
I had my pizza and I was siting in one corner of the lobby,alone.Someone was playing the piano,beautifully, and the flute as well.The lilting tunes,the soulful melody,made me envious as always-for that gift of music which I lack and yearn for.But there was more.Having had enough to eat,it was so pleasant to just sit there and watch the world go by.More than that ,it was rare to just be.Without worry,without feelings,to be empty of thought and to be ,for lack of expression,I will paraphrase Lincoln,with malice to none and charity to all.People were rushing,people were eating,some were rushing off to the Bollywood Night,but I just sat there detached,a spectator enjoying the view perhaps,but with disinterest.
It made me realise that solitude is beautiful too at times.I will sign off by quoting, as always 2 more lines:)I dont why,it just leapt into mind.
"Tell me not in mourful numbers,life is but not an idle dream,
Life is real, life is earnest, grave is not its goal."


iblog said...

Lovely read... the first part reconfirms your belief in human nature. The second half, I have so often done that , and so often wish to do just that..sit and watch people go about their work as if I am watching another world.
Dreamers as always :)

Soul said...

the subconscious is at work..
evolving.. refining.. understanding and realizing..

keep those moments of solitude to fortify your human soul...